Mission Statement

Our intention is to accelerate the awakening process of humanity, by curating a number of small groups of 8 carefully profiled and selected awakened self made entrepreneurs, and leveraging ancient occult wisdom and mysticism, interesting phenomenon observed surrounding small groups of 8 people, pand esoteric crystal technologies, in a scientifically rigorous experiment. To synchronise and exponentially amplify the powerful intentions of awakened, likeminded, impact focused individuals who are working towards making a positive difference to the planet. 

Mission Vision

Our vision is to design, create and orchestrate the highest quality, self development mastermind groups, with the intention to rapidly increase individuals frequency of vibration and level of consciousness, remove all psychological and emotional resistances to success, and explore the possibility of creating a shared, synchronised consciousness between 8 cluster members to create a ‘super consciousness’ which has powers to create and manifest beyond the sum of the whole.

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Core Values

Our core values start and end with integrity! To be true to our word even if no one is there to witness it. To always operate from a place of unconditional love and compassion for all life on earth. To diligently work in each moment to be the best human citizen, from being kind to each other, to making the right choices in life ,which all aim towards a better healthier planet and society. To support each others weaknesses without judgment or need for recognition.



  1. Our purpose is to bring consciousness to this planet and elevate the frequency of earth.

  2. Free will is the most important principle.

  3. There is no leader; it is a matter of groups and individuals.

  4. We will draw the path to awake your spirituality, but you have to walk it yourself in your own way.

  5. We will give you the wisdom and the tools so you can make a positive change in yourself and later on in the world.

  6.  Love in every way is the goal to achieve.

  7. We are in service for humanity.

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